Somali Refugees are fasting in front of the UNHCR In New Delhi-India


More than 36 Somali Refugees members are started fasting in the front of the UNHCR office in New Delhi-India, Somali Refugees are come from in different states here in India and mostly they come from Andhra Pradesh state. all are united to get in their rights and their Durable solution from the UNHCR office other wise to make all facilities about their deportation from India and some of the Somali Refugees are living more than Two Decides.

All Refugees to gather here to day are agreed that they didn’t break in their fasting till they get all basic Human needs,Rights,Justice and they are different society concerns such as: Old age group,Woman and Children and they are saying nowa-days the situation getting so worst and much difficulties in life in the Somali Refugees who are staying in India. In addition that inflation going on speed and High and now Somali Refugees gets difficulties from daily life food, drinking water, rent houses, Education fees, transportation and etc.

Already on march in 2010 the UNHCR office has cut-down all Assistance Aid For Somali Refugees programs without any reason that’s why majority of the Somali Refugees are dying for starvation and lack of medicine and carelessness, irresponsibility of the UNHCR Staffs in New Delhi-India.

Mean while Local Indians are surprising and getting so frustrated the UNHCR and it’s Corruption and how they cheating innocent Refugees who straggling and gave up their lives in seriously they are in need people or society and always waiting their Assistance aid Program in the Develop or Donor Countries in the World.

Indian Civil society and Somali Refugees are appealing to the World, Indian Government and Concerned Organizations to intervene the worst matter shake the Hearts of Somali Refugees and it’s also affected lives of the Refugees and the situation it seems like Ethiopian disaster in 1984 were on spot dead more than one million people for starvation in that time

Central Somali Community in India:


By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),

Freelance Journalist and Advocate For Somali Community in India,

Tell.no:(+91) 9171775140/9654681518.

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